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iPhone 11 Pro max international contests giveaway 1n1 online.The best tech gadgets Apple iphone.Best cameras long time battery life, faster CPU and super Retina RDX display.The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are smartphones designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc.


iPhone 11 Pro Features


The dual cameras on the iPhone 11 are a huge upgrade over previous iPhone's with a great Night mode. A new ultra-wide camera gives you more shooting flexibility and the app gives you a preview if you want to pop into that mode.


The 6.1-inch LCD screen (super Retina RDX display) is bright & colorful, though the OLED displays on the iPhone 11 Pro models are brighter. Improved water resistance & tougher glass front & black make the iPhone 11 durable.


Incredible long time battery life.It’s better than most other iPhone and also other smartphones.Web surfing tested 11 hours a new phone, which is well above average for smartphones. Fast charging costs extra for the iPhone 11, which is a bummer

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Apple's iPhone 11 Pro is 13th-generation flagships smartphone.All new dual camera system. Take photos from wide to ultra wide. A redesigned interface uses the new Ultra Wide camera.The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best that Apple can cram into a smartphone - the high-end screen, powerful speakers, upgraded processor all support the huge upgrades to the camera. However, this phone is really for the Apple fan or someone that really needs that extra lens or a touch more battery life. the first iPhone powerful enough to be called Pro.

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